くコ:彡 Super SQUID Giveaway! くコ:彡

This is a special giveaway for a-squid-place. The rules will be a little different, so even if you’re familiar with the rules from my previous giveaways, please read over these to make sure!

To win the special prizes, you must be following a-squid-place. I will pick a winner and if they are following, they win the special prizes. If not they win the regular prize and I redraw until one of her followers is drawn as a winner. 

Special Prizes!

Mew - Adamant, 5 IV

Talonflame - Adamant, HA, 6 IV

Greninja - Timid, HA, 6 IV Nicknamable

Inkay - Adamant or Careful, HA, 6 IV

Any 1 Pokemon from these lists (tabs at the bottom to switch between lists!)

Regular Prizes!

Eevee - Modest, 6 IV, Egg Moves

Riolu - Jolly, 5 IV, Egg Moves

Beldum - Adamant, 6 IV

Fletchling - Jolly, 5 IV HA (not UT)

Feebas - Calm, 6 IV, Egg Moves

  • Respond in 24 hours if you win, otherwise I pick another URL
  • For XY only
  • No limit on reblogs
  • Only reblogs count as entries

Giveaway Ends Oct. 23, 11 PM Pacific